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-201▓8 11:06 BJTA man who has taught Chinese how to appreciate bread puts more food on the tabl▓e"Marriage is like visiting a restaurant: you▓ always think you chose the best until you see ▓what your neighbor got."

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This wonderful morsel of thought is on a wall in Bodensee Kitchen, ▓a restaurant in Beijing that offers rustic and European fare that is usually hard to find in these parts.Bodensee Kitchen is i▓n Lucky Stree

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t and shares an entrance with one of the first German bread makers in China, South German Bakery, which has bee▓n around for 12 years. Thanks to the German f▓ounder, Michael Paingt, these hard, dense and sa

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lty German breads, which most C▓hinese were either ignorant or disliked have gradually won wide appreciation.Now Paingt has opened a fully fledged German restaurant in the place where he first started tradin

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g in Beijing 12 years ago, on the second floor of the bakery. Now you can enjoy German f▓ood, specifically German-Austrian-Swiss cuisine from his hometown of Bodensee (Lake Co▓nstance), located where Germany, Austria and Switzerland▓ meet."The perspective of German food in China is a little bit boring,"

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Paingt says. "Most people think what we e▓at every day is pork knuckle and sausage."Of course, th▓ese two are quintessential dishes, ▓and

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a dozen German restaurants in Beijing serve them, but Bodensee Kitchen tries to▓ go further, he says.At

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